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Today I am thrilled to host author Celia Yeary to the 2011 Summer Blog-String Fest! Celia is a multi-published author, candy lover and overall delightfully funny, talented friend. Welcome, Celia!

How I Rate Books Using Candy Bars


Celia Yeary

Sometimes I review a book written by a friend, acquaintance, or fellow author on my blog, but I never feel comfortable assigning numbers, stars, or whatever. Although anyone can review books, I’ll leave the rating system to the professionals, and possibly to those who review books independently on a regular basis. I have no quarrel with that.

I do have a system or two, though, but I only voice the ratings to myself. One system is by descriptive words, and since they may be a little over-the-top for this lovely blog, I’ll describe my Candy Bar System instead.

Before I offend anyone by using her favorite candy bar as a One, just let me remind you that we don’t all like the same books. Remember—one man’s trash is another man’s treasure; or one reader’s two-thumbs down is another reader’s two thumbs up. Okay?

Celia’s Book Rating System: (the number denotes the review if one were using numbers, a 5 being the top rating)

(5) ALMOND JOY—My favorite! Deep, dark, rich, a sweet intriguing middle, and two nuts to anticipate. You don’t get the same thing in every bite. Perfect, one to return to again and again.

(4) PAYDAY—Perfect blend of sweet and salty, a chewy center that lasts, and crunchy peanuts. Something to sink your teeth into and savor.

(3) HERSHEY’S ALMOND JOY—A little too much of a good thing, lacks imagination, but still yummy.

(2) KRACKLE—Pale, filled with air, unsatisfying, finish as fast as you can—or give away.

(1) MILKY WAY—too sweet, same throughout, lacks surprises, a little too boring.
Some very good ratings I’ve received recently:
The Stars at Night (Desert Breeze)-an ALMOND JOY!
Crystal Lake Reunion (Whiskey Creek Press)-an ALMOND JOY!
Texas True (Desert Breeze)-an ALMOND JOY!

See how much more fun this is?
How would you rate books other than stars?
Thank you for reading–
Celia Yeary-Romance…and a little bit ‘o Texas

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