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When I was a little girl, I remember having a big doll dressed in a pink bridesmaid’s dress. I named her Rose and pretended I was the bride. I never really thought about what type of proposal I might receive someday. It was the wedding part that interested me the most. My husband kept his proposal simple and sweet. He proposed while we were attending Mass. He asked me during the part where the sign of peace is exchanged in church after he kissed me. He didn’t go the traditional route and ask my father’s permission to marry me. He likes to tease me and says that my father paid him to marry me. But that’s one of the reasons I love my guy – his sense of humor. We will celebrate our 36th wedding anniversary in August!

There are all kinds of ways to propose. Some people might go public with their proposals. The other day I heard that a policeman asked his girlfriend on the police radio to marry him. Because she was a dispatcher, he thought it’d be nice for everyone to hear something pleasant instead of the usual crimes. Fortunately, she said yes. If you aren’t in law enforcement, some other public places for proposals are: parks, beaches, restaurants and football stadiums.

Of course, private might be the perfect way to propose. If your guy makes everything romantic and does the flowers, candlelight dinner, and it’s only between the two of you, then the traditional proposal is always special.

In THE PROPOSAL, a sweet and contemporary romance, Jacqueline Andrews hopes that her boyfriend Brad will propose on her twenty-sixth birthday, and she’ll receive an engagement ring for her birthday gift. Other special times might be on an anniversary of a first date or the perfect time for a marriage proposal might be during the holidays. Christmas and Valentine’s Day seem to be the most popular holidays for proposals.

Some couples prefer to be more creative in proposing. Hiding the ring in a dessert or in a rose are good ways to be unique. If you’re lucky enough to live near the ocean or if you’re planning a beach vacation, arrange a swim with dolphins. Play together in the water with flipper and then propose afterwards. My nephew, Kyle, did something different by tying the ring to his dog’s collar and then he called his dog to come in. When his girlfriend saw the ring, Kyle got down on bended knee and asked her to marry him. I can see two skydivers enjoying a proposal in the air. Being creative is the best idea for the couples who don’t want to use a traditional way in proposing.

If you want to learn more about Jacqueline’s romantic proposal and what happens in my ebook, THE PROPOSAL, it’s available for 99 cents at Amazon and Smashwords. Links: http://www.amazon.com/The-Proposal-ebook/dp/B005895S4G/ref=sr_1_1?s=digital-text&ie=UTF8&qid=1309113290&sr=1-1 and http://www.smashwords.com/books/view/69282
Here’s a short blurb:
Jacqueline Andrews hopes her boyfriend Brad’s surprise is an engagement ring for her twenty-sixth birthday. Her best friend, Tyler Jordan, wants Jacqueline to be happy, but not with Brad her current boyfriend.

Tyler regrets blowing off Jacqueline’s confession of love for him before he left for college. When he returns to their small town as a physician’s assistant, he falls in love with her. He needs to win her love back.

Will his hot kisses sway her? Or is she going to marry Brad?

What kind of proposal did you receive from your spouse? Tell your story! If you aren’t engaged or married, that’s fine. Tell what kind of proposal you’d like to receive. Do you expect a down on the knees type of proposal, something unique, or would you like a public proposal? If you leave a comment, you’ll be entered in my drawing for either a $5 GC to Amazon OR a signed print copy of A Christmas Gift. Drawing will be July 5th! If outside of the US, I’ll substitute an ebook copy of A Christmas Gift, if that’s the winner’s choice. By the way, A Christmas Gift is a book to be enjoyed year round!

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