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Today I am so very thrilled to have Regan Taylor visiting my blog! She is the heart and soul of a romance writer…and so, so much more! Welcome, wonderful Regan Taylor!

One of the best things about writing is you get to create the ending you wish could our would happen in a real life situation.  Another is that our characters can say the things we wish we could but for whatever reason, we can’t. Know what I mean? Some of the things my characters have said are:

In WITH ALL DISPATCH Molly Tanner has woken up to find her roommate is disappeared, apparently traveled back in time:

“Not that anyone has time to pack before time traveling.” Molly laughed, just short of hysterical. “Right. Like I have so much experience with time travel. Let’s see what or who I know who’s done it? There’s Black Eagle coming here. And then there’s Black Eagle going back to his home and yup, that’s a lot of experience you have there, Molly. You’re a virtual expert. Yup, and going a little bonkers here talking to yourself.”

In WORLD IN HER HANDS Sarah Dinetti has Mr. Tall, Blond and Gorgeous and when she confides in her friend, Jan, hears about it she says:

“Well color me relieved. Seriously, Sarah, it’s time to let that chapter end. He’s dead weight in your life. It’s not like you even really have a relationship with him. He’s just there in your life, sponging off you. Cut him loose and look for some fresh meat. And even if the brother didn’t ask for your number, why don’t you get his? Call him and ask him for coffee or sex or something.”

And, in MISTAKEN BRIDE, Kendrick says the one thing I like hearing from my own Mr. Tall and Gorgeous:

“Oh yeah, she’s the one all right. She’s definitely the one I want.”

What is the most memorable line you’ve read from a character in a favorite book?

This is a stop on the Best Ever Summer Blog Tour.

Eight authors in mixed genres trading blog space for eight weeks for your enjoyment. Someone on the blog tour is giving a prize every week – this week find me, Regina Andrews, visiting Angie Dobson at http://www.loveromancesandmore.blogspot.com


There will be a grand prize of a $50 Amazon gift certificate awarded at the end of the tour. Enjoy the blogs and leave comments for the opportunity to be the grand prize winner. One entry ticket per comment!

Want to continue the tour? Here’s a list of the blogs:

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This week you can find me visiting with the fabulous Angie Dobson at http://www.loveromancesandmore.blogspot.com


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Today I am thrilled to welcome author Tami Dee, whose book, “Under a Viking Mist” book four of her ‘Time Viking’ series, has just been released by Desert Breeze Publishing.

1. What’s your genre or do you write in more than one?

Right now, I writeTime travel, romantic adventure. I will be trying my hand at a Scottish Historical, Innocent Deception, to be released by Desert Breeze Publishing October 2011.

2. Did you choose your genre or did it choose you?

I would have to say it choose me. 🙂

3. Is there any genre you’d like to try? Or is there one you wouldn’t?

I would love to try and write romantic suspense, one of these days I will give it a shot.

4. What fiction do you read for pleasure?

A little bit of this, a little bit of that…. I have a wide variety of genres which I enjoy reading.

5. Tell me a bit about yourself and how long you’ve been writing,

I have been writing for about five or six years now. I have always wanted to write, since I can remember, but I have dyslexia and growing up, writing even the simplest of things was a struggle. But, one day, I just had to write the story that was sifting through my mind. I discovered ‘editors’ and, well, the rest is history. 🙂

6. Which of your characters is your favorite?

I can never, ever, pick a favorite. They each become such a part of me, my thoughts, my life, that I grow close to all of them.

7. Are there villains in your books and how were they created?

My stories are character driven, and I have to tell you, when I start a book, I never even consider who the villain will be, why he or she will be a villain, or what might motivate them. As the story unfolds they simply ‘become’.

8. What are you working on now?

Lots of promoting for the last book in my Mists of Time Viking Series, Through A Viking Mist, available now! lol. And I mentioned in an earlier question, I am writing my very first Scottish Historical. I am already at 15,000 + words, and still have not nailed down what date the book takes place in. I seriously have to figure that out before to much longer. haha.

9. What’s your latest release and how did the idea arrive?

My latest release is book four, the final book, in my Mists of Time Viking Series, Through A Viking Mist. The series started with a dream, and one book evolved into four. The series itself took five years to complete. It spans thirteen years of the Nabboddrson brothers’ lives. As you may suspect, by the time I typed the last line in book four, I felt as if I were saying good bye to members of my family, rather than fictional characters. I often become inspired by dreams, and also while I shower. haha I guess all that movement of the water spraying gets my brain moving also.

10. Tell me about your latest book and how it came about.

Through A Viking Mist takes the series full circle. Characters once lost will be found, new choices will be made, with each choice leading to a thrilling conclusion. I hope when the last page is turned, readers will blow out a heart felt sigh and that the Nabboddrson brothers and their wives sagas will live on in the readers minds and hearts for a good wile.

Blurb: Through A Viking Mist

Two enemies left standing on a blood drenched battlefield.
Who will take the as yet unclaimed land for their own?
Ofeig Nabboddrson, a warrior from his youth up, is determined to claim the rich land now stained with blood as his.
The only thing standing in his way is a magnificent Valkyrie, a woman who he has seen only in battle and who is called
‘The Protector’.
Eva Samsdottir, an extraordinary woman who singlehandedly saves the children of her village from slavery amidst a deadly raid.
Unbeknownst to her a bigger battle awaits her in a Time not her own.
Will she have the courage to survive the future?

Book Four, Through A Viking Mist, ends this epic series with a thrilling battle for land between Ofeig Nabboddrson, a warrior, and a magnificent Valkyrie, Eva Samsdottir. They soon discover that Time has other plans for them as it sweeps both combatants to San Francisco, CA, 1991, where each face an even bigger battle just trying to survive the future world.
A world where old scores are settled new directions are chosen.

Publisher: Desert Breeze Publishing Inc. http://www.desertbreeze.publishing.com
My web site: http://www.tamidee.com
Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?ref=profile&id=100000198842347
Twitter: http://twitter.com/AuthorTamiDee

Please enjoy an excerpt:

Ofeig brushed back Eva’s hair and kissed her forehead. Their bodies were still intertwined in the most intimate of embraces as he shifted his weight off her.
Her body hummed, slight trembles attested to the great passion she and her husband shared. Her mind and heart were not completely at peace as yet, there were too many unknowns regarding their future after the raiders were eliminated and her women and children were settled.
But she did not wish to think about that now. Now she relished the feel of her husband’s strong arms holding her so tenderly.
They both heard the sudden change of noises in the great hall. Good-natured laughter was suddenly relapsed by alarmed shouts and the scraping of benches as feet hurried about.
She and Ofeig looked at one another then silently dressed themselves and pushed out of their alcove.
Ofeig grabbed a young warrior by the scruff of his neck as he raced past. “What’s happening?” he demanded.
“It’s your brother-in-law,” the lad rasped. “He’s been shot while out on patrol.”
Eva gasped and slung the alcove door back open. She passed Ofeig his weapons and then strapped her own to herself before they ran from the keep and into the courtyard.
Singlee lay draped across his mount, the tip of his long braid brushed the ground. An arrow was embattled deep into his back. Blood stained his clothing and dripped to the dirt.
The courtyard was crowded with clansmen yet not a word was said. Alisa stood next to her husband’s body, as still as he, her face empty of emotion in her shock. Leif and Davyn eased Singlee’s limp form from his mount and Leif shifted him over his shoulder to carry him into the keep. Rosie and Kat wept openly, the women holding one another’s hands like a lifeline.
Balmung held Iris as she cried into his chest.
Eva could not take her eyes off the arrow. Dread rode heavy in her belly as she followed Leif. She waited until he laid Singlee onto the head table before approaching and running a trembling finger over the shaft of the arrow.
She felt the carving. She knew the symbol and who it belonged to.
She raised stunned eyes to Leif, then Ofeig.
Leif’s gaze pierced her. “This arrow did not come from the raiders, did it?” he asked in a dripping ice.
She shook her head. “Nay,” she choked out. “The carving marks it as Gyda’s.”
Without another word she strode from the great hall to the stables.
She did not know if the family would blame her for having brought the women here, to their land, and at the moment she did not care. She would find Gyda. She would take from her what she had taken from Singlee.
And if the other women were in involved in any way, they would pay the same price.
She went to mount her horse when Ofeig grasped her wrist.
“I am coming with you.”
She tugged her wrist, to no avail. “Your family needs you here.”
“You are my family,” he said, “and we will take care of this matter together.”
She nodded and waited as he readied a mount.
She only half heard Leif’s captain order a regiment of men to ride with them.
They rode into the forest in silence, heavily armed and ready for anything.
They pulled their horses to a halt at the edge of the women’s camp.
Eva noted the men from Singlee’s patrol spread out, surrounding the camp.
“If the other women were involved,” Eva said. “There is no way we will make it into the camp to confront Gyda.”
He nodded, scanning the trees. “Aye,” he said. “Are you ready?”
She nodded, a stiff jerk of her head. “Aye.”
They dismounted and walked their horses, keeping as close to the large shields as possible. Silence greeted them, but Eva knew their presence was known.
Not a woman was in sight, the trees remained free from the hiss of flying arrows.
The absolute stillness caused the fine hairs at the nape of her neck to stand on end as they searched for either women or a trap.
Jodis stepped from behind a wide tree trunk. “Eva,” she swallowed, her fair skin chalk white and her eyes wide with what looked like shock. “You have to come.”
Eva and Ofeig shared a quick look and followed her as she silently moved through the brush of the forest.
Gyda stood, pale yet clearly defiant, surrounded by several of the women, their arrows clutched in their hands and pointing in threat towards her.
Eva pushed through the women stopping a foot away from Gyda.
“What happened?”
Gyda’s mouth was set in a mutinous line and she refused to meet Eva’s eyes, staring instead at a point over her shoulder.
Eva leaned in until her face almost touched the other woman’s. “What happened?” she shouted.
“I know about you,” Gyda said, so softly Eva had to strain to hear. “I know where you went to recover. The only reason you came back was to take the women from me. I was their leader when you left!” She pounded a fist against her chest to punctuate her words. “I was the one who helped them survive. But the second you come back they all turned to you as their savior. You don’t deserve their devotion. You lied to us all. I know you did, Bennie told me!”
Eva’s heart slammed into her ribs. The blood rushed through her veins so fast and hard she could barely hear from the roaring of it.
She slanted a look at her husband.
Ofeig had gone pale as he listened to Gyda, his Adam’s apple bobbed as he swallowed.
“He told me to shoot someone, anyone, with my arrows.” Gyda confessed in a hiss. “He said that would get your attention, and I should tell you when you came that he wants to go home. And the blood of the man I shot is on your hands, and more would die if you did not figure out how to get him home.”
Eva shivered. Bennie had fed her facts, and lies, and whipped up her insecurities and fears.
How was it possible?
She shook her head.
The how of it did not matter. He was here, somewhere in this forest, likely close enough to watch the drama he had created. He had played Gyda in order to get to Eva, and somehow Gyda had lost her sanity along the way.
Eva placed her hand on Gyda’s shoulder. “Did Bennie tell you what would happen to you for killing the Jarl’s brother-in-law?”
Gyda’s eyes widened. “That man was not related to the Jarl, he was just a guard!”
Eva smiled sadly and shook her head. “That’s where your wrong, Gyda. But even if he had not been a family member, your punishment would be exactly the same.”
Gyda raised shocked eyes to Eva’s then dropped her gaze to her stomach. Gyda’s blood spilt over Eva’s hand in a hot rush. Eva twisted the blade expertly, ending the life of a woman she had once saved so many years before.
Gyda had taken the life of a good man, and Eva had obtained justice for that man in the direct way of her Time.
She tried to ignore the sick churning of her stomach.
Gyda’s knees buckled and her lifeless body fell to the earth. Ofeig took the knife from her hand without comment.
Singlee’s men had closed in on the women and stood at the ready.
“Take care of this,” her husband ordered.
The body was lifted from the ground and Eva did not turn to see who was moving her or where they were taking her.
She took a deep breath and squared her shoulders, then turned to the women surrounding them who had remained silent until now.

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