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Today I am just delighted to welcome the amazing individual and fantastic author Tina Pinson to the Summer 2011 Blog-String Fest! Tina is an accomplished author and has a wonderful sense of humor. Her writings and her posts are always so interesting. Thank you so much for visiting and welcome, Tina!

Just Breathe.

I’ve just had one of those extraordinary weeks. You know… the kind everyone dreams of?

Okay maybe not…

My week could have been better. It started off great. After singing with hubby at church, we rested and had a wonderful day together. Then while cleaning my teeth like a good girl, a chunk of my back molar broke off. OOOh Yay.

I decided I could handle the pain since it wasn’t too strong and of we didn’t really have the money to bother with it. Then Monday, I woke up with a touch of a headache, by the end of the day it had blossomed into a full-fledged migraine. It lasted through the night into the next day taking any chance for a decent night’s sleep along with it. And if that wasn’t enough… my tooth began a dull throb.

The migraine subsided, but the tooth ache hung on and I decided to call a dentist.

Can I just stop here and say UGH… Dentists are not big in my vocabulary, even though it seems I’ve spent quite a bit of time there. And because we are new transplants to Arizona, I didn’t even get to go to my usual dentist.

So I looked on the internet, and called around for an opening, then spun the wheel and headed out to meet my new best dental friend. After getting through a series of xrays (I have a horrible gag reflex so I really love those little film cards in my mouth) and a bit of prodding with the dental pick, I was told that I needed a few thousand dollars-worth of work.

Some crowns and a couple of fillings add up to a few thousand. Amazing. I am in the wrong business.

And boy was I excited. I was looking forward to setting in that ol chair, leaning back with mouth open waiting for the stab of a needle so my mouth would go numb, and I would get to listen to the whirr and hiss of all the drill and such.

But alas, I had to wait. First, I had to meet with a specialist so he could ascertain if I needed anything else. And guess what?

He found another two thousand in the form of root canals to tack on to the bill.

We moved to Arizona because of the economy and still trying to get caught up, so you imagine that this news overjoyed me.

I wanted to cry. I thought about running down and buying a few lottery tickets or maybe go hunt for a money tree.

Instead, I decided to do something constructive to take my mind off everything. I sat down to work on my stories.

I found that every cog in my head was clicking on the beat. I was so focused. Everything came together. The flow was precise, the editing went well and my characters were following my lead.

I was pumped.


Nothing was coming together. My thoughts were all over the place. My characters were rebellious. I’d start looking at one story and move onto another one because I couldn’t focus. I was ready to pound my head with the keyboard

So I did what many of do… (Throw my computer across the room and watch it shatter on the far wall in little pieces)

Okay so… I didn’t do that.

Actually I stopped what I was doing, turned my mind off as best as I could and breathed.

Just Breathed.

In through the nose and out through the mouth. One… two… three… four… Slowly, I took long deep breaths to clear my mind. And with each breath… I prayed.

In writing, like life, we can get over run with thoughts and frustrated because nothing seems to be working in our story lines, it’s then we need to stop and simply breathe.

Breathe and let the Author of our life and imagination infuse us with peace and clarity.

Life is going to happen. Things don’t always go as planned, when it doesn’t go quite the way it should, I hope you’ll give yourself the break you need and Breathe.

Just breathe.

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With great joy, I am finally able to share the cover of my second book in the Sterling Lakes Series, “Angels of the Heart”.

The cover was ready on time and the book released on time…but my computer decided to…go on vacation. Not in good time, in my opinion!

This was so not easy, being on the dark side of the moon! And with the third manuscript in the series due September 1st. I almost can’t talk about it, because as soon as I start, you just know I won’t stop.

Suffice it to say all seems to be in order now. But I will be backing up my current ms on a disc, as well as my flash drive, that’s for sure!

To be continued.

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Writing can be a lonely process. Thinking, plotting, revising, editing…all the technical steps involved in creating a well-written piece are steps that take you out of the moment and away from your family.

Yet if you are compelled to write, or pursue any endeavor that requires independent thought, this separation is a necessary part of the entire process.

I call that getting out of yourself. It’s a wonderful and cathartic process. Meditating on God’s word and opening my heart to Him in prayer is essential to my life and to my writing.

Then why do I feel, sometimes, so torn about writing? I am writing Inspirational Romance Novels, books that are centered around God’s love for us. It’s a happy topic! So why do I still have pangs of nostalgia about missing precious moments with my family?

Could it be because God speaks to me through them, too? Is He calling me to listen to Him, through them?

Do you ever wonder how God is trying to reach you? How does He speak to you? How do you listen to Him?

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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Togetherness is the main theme of Thanksgiving. It is a celebration of our beloved family and friends and of all the blessings in our lives.

At Thanksgiving, have you ever felt a loss that made you question why you should be grateful, made you angry with God?

Our memories center around preparation for the feast and the feeling of anticipating those who will be returning home to share the day with us. Once everyone is home, the real festivities begin.

In our house, preparations began days ahead to create the perfect day: vegetables were chopped, silver was polished and furniture was rearranged to accommodate everyone. There was no end to the fun!

Until the year we lost my father suddenly on a sultry day in August. Then our family shattered like the windshield of a car in a horrific crash.

My devastated mother’s movements were robotic and hesitant. My sister sobbed while trying to tie her apron. Where could we turn? What could we do? Our every move led us to him, to the memory of him. Going through the motions of a meal seemed futile and unnecessary.

The caring invitations of our loving relatives and friends, for some reason, just seemed to intensify our pain and sharpen our sense of loss. Who can explain grief? We didn’t want to go anywhere or see anyone. The three of us just clung together, like we were floating in a vast ocean with one life preserver.

My thoughts raced, yet they kept returning to one constant theme: It seemed that this wasn’t what Dad would want the day to be like for us. God was telling me that, but I was too distraught to hear Him clearly at the time. Something moved me: I chucked the meal plans and bundled us into the car. We went for a long ride and stood at the ocean together, listening to waves crashing against the shore. After witnessing a gorgeous New England sunset, we got back home.

It was time for something completely different: so we had a hot dog roast. Then we watched one of our favorite movies, The Sound of Music. Dad loved Eidelweiss.

At that point, we started talking a little and reminiscing together. It wasn’t a lot, the floodgates didn’t open, but we were able to speak together and relive some of the happy moments in a quiet and tender way.

We felt blessed to be together, to have that day and to have the memories that we treasured together.

We got through it, together…and in an unexpected way, we were graced with the realization that he was still very much there with us.

How have you turned a heartbreak in your life into a precious memory?

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